TechResort Resources - Mini Makers

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Our Mini Makers sessions are designed for children aged 6+. The scripts can be easily followed with help provided inside, allowing you to have fun exploring the new topic!

Please note with session 1125, there are references to a USB stick. All the required files are provided instead in the ZIP folder

Filename Type
1101 Flashing LED Fridge Magnet.pdf PDF Document
1102 Codebug Scrolling Name Badge.pdf PDF Document
1103 Codebug Flashing LEDs.pdf PDF Document
1106 Hour of Code.pdf PDF Document
1110 Stykz Animation.pdf PDF Document
1115 Scratch Scribbler.pdf PDF Document
1119 Introduction to the BBC microbit.pdf PDF Document
1125 Wonderful ZIP Archive
1126 Making a Scratch game.pdf PDF Document
1129 Lolly Stick Catapult Challenge.pdf PDF Document